Diáfanos (2015). Diaphanous is a painting series. These paintings operate as optical devices; intersecting surfaces fluctuate across them. They change their spatiality without alterations in localisation, until a third space that seduces our attention appears: the intersection. That is the place where the form finds itself as the composition of more than one space and not exactly any of them. This is the common, the shared, the translucent. The intersections are presented to us as spaces that at the same time come to being and disappear, places where ideal and concrete forms dialogue. 

The planes change perspectives through alterations in color, a surface may be in one dimension or another conserving its form, transposing planes via flexible and passable transparencies. Complex systems that activate through the encounter with another complex system, perception,  using the sight to generate diverse interpretations.

Diaphanous, 2015

acrylic on paper 

30 x 45 in (horizontal)

45 x 30 in (vertical)